WordPress Website Maintenance and Security

Have your website monitored and maintained 24/7 by experts

Your website visitors and Google appreciate a website that’s in good condition, updated regularly, error-free, and well-designed as this creates a much better user experience. Our WordPress and Web Hosting specialists are on-hand to help with any WordPress development problems or errors.

Whether you have an informative website for your company or an e-commerce website looking to outsource your website, we have professional WordPress support plans to suit your budget.

WordPress Website Maintenance

Are you interested in getting your website maintained by Win Authority? If so, send us a contact request and we shall respond to you soon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why does your WordPress website require a maintenance plan?

A WordPress maintenance plan is necessary for several reasons.

First of all, having a WordPress maintenance plan guarantees that any plugins and themes you use, and the most recent version of WordPress, are constantly up to date on your website. This is crucial for security reasons because updated versions frequently come with significant security patches.

Second, a maintenance plan can help avoid and resolve any technical problems with your website. Broken links, compatibility issues, and database errors are some of the problems.

Third, a maintenance plan can make your website load faster and more effectively. This can include the optimization of images, minifying the code, and implementing caching techniques.

Fourth, a maintenance plan can make sure that your website is constantly backed up and is simple to restore in case of an issue.

Finally, a maintenance plan can include regular website uptime monitoring. This means that if your website is down, the team will know and they will be on it to fix it before you think of contacting them.

Overall, subscribing to a WordPress maintenance plan will help ensure that your website is always up to date, safe, and functioning smoothly while also giving you useful insights and information that can help you optimize the performance of your website.

Is it required to switch to Win Authority's web hosting when we subscribe to a maintainance plan?

We would highly recommend you migrate your website and emails to our hosting when you subscribe to a maintenance plan.

This is because we have full control of your website and our web hosting packages are always optimized for higher performance and reliability. With our hosting packages, we are certain that we won't have to worry about downtime so which means your website would be always up and running.

Does it take a long time to resolve any issues reported?

Nope, usually a couple of hours. But some requests would require the team to take additional hours we will keep you informed of how long our team needs and the status of your request.

In any case, you can always follow up on your request through the chatbox of our website with your ticket ID.