Remote teams

 Turn your idea into a scalable product while you focus on the business.

Get dedicated resources that are required to build a product. While our team works on the product, you can focus on the business. Leave the tech to us. You get access to our project managers, UI/UX engineers, software engineers. You will receive the whole package from the idea scoping to designing of the product to development and testing.

How does our remote team service works?

A remote team is a straightforward process where you will get access to a dedicated product development team. Your product will have at least the following


A product owner and project manager

Access to our UI/UX engineering team

A team of dedicated software engineers

A product owner and project manager

Once you get access to the above resources based on your pricing, they will work with you to scope your idea and give you a plan on how they will work together to bring your idea to life.

While the team does this, you will only have to focus on your business as they will look into the tech for you.