Revamp of FROKME.COM's homepage


FROKME.COM is an eCommerce fashion and lifestyle website that sells their products around the world. They also have their own brand called FROK and they also sell other brands on their eCommerce store.

FROKME.COM contacted us to revamp their homepage. Their aim was to make the homepage look classier and cleaner, while maintaining the benchmark design that they provided us with.

Our team of experts worked tirelessly to ensure that we met their expectations and delivered within the given timeline. We took up the challenge and revamped the homepage in record time, completing the project within two days.

We began by analyzing the benchmark design that FROKME.COM provided us with. We studied the color scheme, the layout, and the overall user experience that they wanted to achieve. Our team took into account all the requirements and made sure that we matched the design perfectly.

Once we were done with the redesign, we presented the new homepage to the client for approval. They were impressed with our work and gave us the green light to launch it.

We made sure that the new homepage was responsive and user-friendly, making it easier for customers to navigate through the website. The new design was cleaner and classier, giving the website a fresh and modern look.

In conclusion, Win Authority was able to revamp FROKME.COM’s homepage within two days, while ensuring that we met all the requirements of the client. Our team was able to match the benchmark design that was provided to us and deliver a user-friendly and responsive homepage. We are proud of the work that we did and the results that we achieved.