Website Maintenance for Capshine
Capshine Ltd


Capshine is a boutique firm of accountants set up to service the business needs of their clients. They have a passion for work and each team member is carefully selected and trained to ensure their values are reflected in everything they do. They are situated in United Kingdom.

Capshine reached out to us to prevent their website from having downtime, we looked into the issue and found the root cause of this, and had this issue resolved in no time. Our hosting specialists helped Capshine move their web hosting from GoDaddy to ours because they wanted us to maintain their website and to ensure that there are no downtimes in the future as their website is very important for them.

We also optimized their website to make it load faster by minifying the JavaScript, CSS, and HTML of the website and we added our CDN to their website so it loads faster and faster websites usually help towards the search ranking and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We also added the basic SEO on their website as their website developer hasn’t done these.

Now their website loads faster and has a better search engine appearance.