We at Win Authority are here to work alongside you from the beginning of your new mobile application till the end

Developing a Mobile App ain't no easy task, but using it should be

Here at Win Authority, we design and develop Android and iOS applications. All you need to do is, give us your requirements and you could leave the rest to us.

We guarantee very user friendly applications with the latest and trending design standards. As we mentioned above, you could count on us.

Our engineers and support team will be there with you from the beginning of the development up until it's lifespan. That means we will also help you market the application to the correct target audience.

Let's get started and develop your new Mobile Application.

Mobile Development in Sri Lanka
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By developing a Mobile Application from us it means you are agreeing to our "Mobile Development Conditions".

The user experience

If you have to explain how the mobile application should be used to your users, it's all wrong.

As a good graphic / art work, you should not have to explain it. The application should be able to cater to your users and it should be easy to use.

At Win Authority, we design your application by putting ourselves into the shoes of your users' and seeing it from their point of view. When it comes to the development, we use the best industry practice to make sure that it will not be laggy. Because we all hate laggy applications.

Contact us today and let's get started!

Host your new mobile application in the same server as your website

With our Cloud Hosting service, you can host both your new Mobile Application and your website in the same server. So you don't have to worry about spending for two servers. Because the when you use our Cloud Hosting Services you get your own Cloud Server.

So when you have your own Cloud Server, you don't have to worry about the bandwidth and Storage because you can resize it anytime.

Also, you don't have to worry about getting a separate IT team to manage your server, because once you use our Cloud Hosting Service our experts will manage your hosting and will keep a close eye on it's performance.