Website Development in Sri Lanka

About Us

We are Win Authority, your innovative partner.

Founded in 2016

Win Authority is an IT startup based in Sri Lanka, we currently have two products; Exam Papers and COVID-19 Sri Lanka. We also offer cloud based services like Shared Hosting & Cloud VPS Management. Soon will start to offer business email hosting. At times, we build websites and mobile apps as services for other companies.

A bit about our history

Founded in latter 2016 and relaunched in April 2017, Win Authority initially began as a tech blog that had 1,000+ viewers per month. In 2019, we merged with our sister company, Win Authority Innovatives and ever since then we've switched our business from a tech blog to an IT startup.

Using technology for the betterment of our world

Here at Win Authority, we strive to use technology in a way that would help the world, we also (at times) offer services such as implementing innovative solutions which would empower your business and make you stand out from your competition. We deliver innovative solutions to all our clients with the latest technology allowing them to grow exponentially with their business's pace.