A Digital Creative Agency


An IT startup that focuses on innovation through technology.

Using technology for the betterment of our world

Here at Win Authority, we strive to use technology in a way that would help the world, we also offer high-end and affordable hosting services and offer services such as implementing innovative solutions which would empower your business and make you stand out from your competition. We deliver innovative solutions to all our clients with the latest technology allowing them to grow exponentially with their business' pace.

Our Innovations

Exam Papers

Exam Papers is an online hub for school students to find anything related to their academics, literally. From past papers to helping them with any questions regarding academics we got them covered. Simply create an account and get started.

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COVID-19 Sri Lanka

'COVID-19 Sri Lanka' is a mobile application that shows the COVID-19 stats in Sri Lanka. It has features such as showing the stats as graphs, basic information of COVID-19 and emergency contact numbers.

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Our Services

Shared Cloud Hosting

Looking for an affordable and performance optimized Linux Hosting? Using Win Authority's Shared Hosting services you can give your business an online presence at an affordable price. Also, all our hosting packages feature 1GB RAM, 2 CPU Cores and automated backups.

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Cloud VPS Hosting

Looking for a better and a feasible Cloud Hosting? Our engineers at Win Authority are specialized in managing Cloud Hostings, you won't have to worry about your server once you hand it over to us. We will take good care of it, we promise.

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Hosted Business Email

Migrate your mail to an affordable, easy to use, fully managed email platform and avoid the sleepless nights spent for email. It's not the average mail server you get elsewhere, it will feature most of the hand picked features which we think our clients love and use daily


Web Design & Development

Our team at Win Authority have the best knowledge in needed for Web Design & Development. They also have a great imagination that will help your new website's design to knockout your competitors.

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Mobile App Development

Whether your next big product is for iOS, Android or both platforms. Our team will simplify the actual solution and port it to a Mobile App where your end-users will find it easy to use with a classy User Interface.

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